San Onofre Closing Coto De Caza Community News

It was announced late last week that Southern California Edison will be closing their San Onofre nuclear power generating facility. This facility has long been one of the sources of electricity for Coto de Caza and the surrounding South Orange County communities. What many of us have not realized is that solar is rapidly becoming a major source of electricity in Southern California. I am not referring to the roof top panels that are springing up on our neighbors homes, but the massive facilities located in the Mohave Desert. Last week a new milestone was reached when enough solar energy was created to power one and a half million homes. The total was actually almost 2,100 mega watts which is nearly the equivalent of the output of San Onofre at its peak. The most amazing aspect of the recent report is that the solar capability has doubled in just one year. Although ninety five percent of California’s energy is created from sources other than solar, it will clearly be a growing segment for the foreseeable future.

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