coto de caza mountain lion sightings
In the last couple of days there have been at least two sightings of mountain lions near South Coto de Caza.  On October 6, two deer were killed by a suspected mountain lion on the trail that separates the 13th hole of the Coto de Caza South Golf Course and the homes in The Classics community.  Residents were awoken to the sounds of the attack in the late hours and saw the remains of the deer below their homes on Sundaymorning.  Last Friday a parent observed a mountain lion entering the campus of Wagon Wheel Elementary School.  The students were instructed to remain indoors for the day.  In the event that you encounter a mountain lion, the experts recommend that you take the following precautions:
* Try to appear larger.  If you have a bike or golf clubs, raise them above your head.  If you have a jacket on, open it.
* If the animal is aggressive throwing stones or sticks may scare it away.  Be careful not to crouch as this may cause you to look like their normal prey. 
* If worst comes to worse, fight back.  Mountain lions have been known to flee when their prey resists
It is far better to avoid the encounter all together.  Some steps to take when in areas known to be inhabited by mountain lions:
* Don’t hike alone
* Stay calm if you have an encounter
* Do not approach a mountain lion
* Do not run away from a mountain lion, back away slowly
One of the lures of Coto de Caza is the accessibility of nature, with it comes the requirement to respect it.
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