Dear JoAnne and Andy:

Thank you for the remarkable job you did marketing our Coto Country Home.  After interviewing 7 qualified seasoned Coto brokers I received one of your high quality postcard mailers for a house costing more than 3 times as much as my home.  Though ready to select one of those other brokers I decided to first seek an interview with you.

Your professionalism was obvious within minutes of our first meeting, it set you apart, and it never wavered during the 8 weeks that passed between signing the listing agreement to completing a 21 day non-contingent, all-cash closing escrow.  You had quickly identified the property’s market position, key features and potential for setting a record price for the neighborhood.  You then did what you said you would do; never relying on an associate or newbie to do your work.  We hired you, we got you and you delivered!  In doing so, you did set a record for the highest price paid in the neighborhood since 2008.  Wow, what a performance!

From signing the listing agreement through to escrow closing the selling process actually became easier.  Facts and suggestions were presented that served to guide our decisions.  You made us educated sellers; never a victim of pressure tactics.  You constantly worked the listing, were considerate of our time and did a comprehensive job of presenting properly completed contracts and amendments.  The language was easy to understand and there never were spelling or grammar mistakes (unusual in today’s texting world).

Don’t hesitate to use us as a referral source.  We would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Yours truly,

William and Donna Todd

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